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It is easy to make the commitment to your Sheaffer fountain pen with the Sheaffer Piston Converter easing its refilling.

The converter is screwed right onto the section and acts as the reservoir once filled. By turning the top of the converter counter clockwise until the piston is depressed to the bottom, and then dipping the end of the nib into the ink while turning the top clockwise, the ink is pulled inside the converter. Once full, replace the barrel and you are ready to write again.

Stock up on additional converters for unusual ink colours or to have a back up available if necessary. 

The Sheaffer company began with Walter Sheaffer’s design for a lever filling system to replace fountain pen ink that was revolutionary in 1908. During the century since, Sheaffer has continued to invent clever and practical ideas to keep the ink flowing. Whether a cartridge replacement, a ballpoint or rollerball refill, or the latest fountain pen ink converter technology, count on Sheaffer to have the answer when the ink runs out. Savvy our customers who would rather replace the ink than destroy the pen can now find inks, cartridges, refills and converters at Fendrihan. Write with distinction, not with a stick! 

One Sheaffer Piston Converter, for use with most current Sheaffer fountain pens.